5B Recycles A to Z

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Each year Americans generate millions of tons of waste.  We throw “away” massive amounts of trash as a result of everyday living.  Many things like packaging, furniture, grass clippings, yard trimmings, glass, plastic, metal, paper products, clothing and much, much more can be turned into valuable next generation products. Now, many of us realize that there is no such place as “away”. Since our trash problems won’t go “away” either, we must take responsibility for our own waste. The best way to do that is to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Educate.

5BRecycles A to Z is your guide for the local reuse, recycling, and safe disposal options for hundreds of products and household items.

Add Your Business:

If your business reuses, recycles or safely disposes of an item that is on the A to Z list, or an item you feel should be on the A to Z list, complete the attached Vendor Application Form and e-mail it to: submissions@5BRecycles.org.

Add a New Material:

If there is an item that you would like to see added to the A to Z list, e-mail the name of the item to: submissions@5BRecycles.org. We will do the research to see what local disposal options are available.