Aerosol Spray Cans — EMPTY

Aerosol spray cans contain an active ingredient and a liquid or gaseous propellant that is packed under at least 40 pounds of pressure per square inch. These pressurized aerosol containers are explosive and may be flammable. Depending upon other ingredients, the aerosol sprays may be irritants, corrosives, poisons or contain chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).


Use non-aerosol (pump-spray, roll-on or liquid) products.

Recycle Curbside if Empty

Many people are not aware that aerosol spray cans are comprised of 1% tin and 99% steel and can be recycled (including pesticide spray cans) once they are empty. Remove and discard plastic tops from empty spray cans and put them in your metals curbside recycling.  Full or partially full aerosol spray cans or paint cans can not be recycled curbside.

Proper Disposal of Full or Partially Full

Take full or partially full aerosol cans to a Household Hazardous Waste collection facility.

Fixed Collection Facilities

  • Blaine County Recycle Center (110 Ohio Gulch Road–Bldg 1)
  • Carey Transfer Satiation (1675 South 1800 East, Carey)

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