Frequently Asked Questions: 

1) Do I need to have 3 official 5B Recycles bins?

  • No: You can sort in anything from cardboard boxes and wire baskets to buckets and totes as long as it’s sorted and easy for the driver to manage. Use your container or one of ours! NOTE: It’s best to use sorting containers that will not blow around and turn into litter.

2) I separate my recyclables in plastic bags.  Is that ok?

  • No: using plastic bags damages the machines at the recycling plant and can cause big fines for our county.

3) Where can I get new bins?

  • Use your container or one of ours! You can sort your curbside recycling in any type of container you’d like, but if you’d like to use a blue bin, contact Clear Creek Disposal • www.ccdisposal.com • (208) 726-9600

 4) Do I put plastic bags in the bin with the plastics # 1-5?

  • No: Plastic bags damage the machines at the Ohio Gulch Recovery Center. Please  recycle plastic bags in Hilex Poly bins located at all Atkinsons Markets, LL Greens, Kings, ERC, The Community School, and the Blaine County Annex building. For a complete list of items accepted by Hilex Poly, click here.

5) Does Blaine County recycle glass?

  • Yes! Blaine County DOES divert glass! In October 2012 we stopped picking up glass at residential curbside due to contamination and risk of injury to our employees, however, glass is still accepted at 6 different drop off locations around the County, and businesses have the option of having glass picked up at the business.  To arrange for glass pick up at your business, please contact Clear Creek Disposal at 726-9600. Glass is brought to Ohio Gulch, crushed, and placed in an inert pit and used as filler. When placed in one of our drop off locations or picked up by Clear Creek, glass does NOT go into the landfill.

6) Do I have to separate newspaper from other types of paper?

  • No! Newspaper can go into your mixed paper, along with white paper, colored paper, magazines, packing paper, non-corrugated cardboard, egg cartons, paper towel tubes, glossy paper, and paper bags.  You do not need to separate newspaper.

7) I seem to be the only one on my street that recycles. How can I encourage my neighbors to recycle?

  • We love this enthusiasm! We work hard to reach out to all Blaine County residents in a variety of ways, but sometimes having a casual conversation with your neighbors about the ease of the recycling process is a good place to start.

8) I live in an apartment building. How can I recycle?

  • Many apartment and condo complexes do offer recycling, and we suggest you check with your property management company or HOA to insure what is offered. If collection bins are not offered for your property, you can contact Clear Creek at 726-9600 for individual curbside pick up, or take recyclable items to our  seven different drop off locations  free of charge. See ‘Getting Started, Drop Off” for exact locations.

9) How do I stop junk mail?