Herbicides & Pesticides

Fungicides, germicides, herbicides, insecticides, miticides, and rodenticides are all pesticides. Pesticides are designed to kill fungi, germs, weeds/plants, insects, mites, and rodents. Using pesticides may be necessary at times, but in many cases there are alternatives that are often more effective in the long run and less harmful to public health and the environment. If you choose to use a pesticide be aware that a number of pesticides that were once legal to use are now banned or restricted from household use. Some of the pesticides you should NOT use are: Aldrin, Chlordane, Cyanide, DBCP, DDT, Diazinon, Dieldrin, Heptachlor, Kepone, Lindane, Mirex, Silvex, 2,4,5,-T, Toxaphene, Arsenates, Sodium Arsenite, Creosote, and Pentachlorophenol (PCP).

There are many strategies for controlling house pests. These strategies include barriers (to prevent pests from entering a home), traps (to collect pests that have entered a home), biological controls (attracting beneficial predator and parasitic insects) and the use of non-toxic or less toxic alternatives to pesticides.

Proper Disposal

Fixed Collection Facilities

  • Ohio Gulch Transfer Station (110 Ohio Gulch Road)
  • Carey Transfer Satiation (1675 South 1800 East, Carey) 

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