Telephone Books

For one month each year, from mid Nov. until mid Dec. phone books are collected at four locations for recycling.

The whole year, they are collected at Blaine County’s Recycle Center at Ohio Gulch.

The four temporary collection areas for the 2013 year are:

  • Hailey Park and Ride
  • Elkhorn Fire Station
  • Ketchum 4th St. Recycling Center (LDS Church parking lot)
  • Sun Valley City Hall

Proper Disposal:

  • Blaine County Recycle Center (110 Ohio Gulch Road–Bldg 1)


National Consumer Opt-Out Web Site

You can now select to Opt-Out of receiving a telephone directory.

Once I select to Opt-Out how long will it take for my request to be processed?

  • It may take up to 12 weeks for the selections to be accepted by the publisher’s internal systems.
  • Based on the schedule for the printing and delivery of that directory, you may still receive a directory this year but would not receive one the following year.
  • Consumers should know that if they still receive a directory, the publisher did not ignore the request, it is usually a timing issue based on the directory printing and delivery schedule for that directory.

Alert: Directory publishers listed on this site generally do not accept opt-out requests from third parties or websites proclaiming to submit such requests on your behalf. Please protect your personal information by using this website to work directly with the directory publishers.

Directories delivered by the U.S. Postal Service: While every effort is made to honor opt-out requests, current USPS regulations may preclude opting out of mail delivery in certain (mainly rural) areas. The industry is currently testing a possible solution with the USPS. In the event you receive a directory for which you opted out, please let us know by clicking on “Feedback” below.